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Neuromuscular Therapy is a specialised form of manual therapy which provides a balance of the nervous system with the muscular and skeletal systems to treat soft tissue pain , chronic injuries and relieve changes in sensation.

Neuromuscular techniques are highly accomplished in naturally bringing the body back into alignment by treating Myofascial trigger points, muscle adhesions and connective tissue patterns with the informed consent of patients. Problems are normally caused by a specific trauma, repetitive movements or even bad posture. Trigger points can lead to referral pain, which explains a phenomenon in which areas far away from the trigger point experience sensations of pain, tingling or numbness.

NMT assessments and examinations primarily address:

• Ischemia ( tight tissue with reduced blood flow )
• Myofascial trigger points ( hypersensitive points within muscle fibers that can refer pain and sensations )
• Neural entrapment & Nerve Compression ( pressure on nerves causing pain )
• Postural Assessment ( looking at the position of the body as a whole )
• Dysfunctional Gait Patterns ( Manner of movement )
• Reinforce neuromuscular pathways (promote good form and proper muscle recruitment)


Stay active with the benefits of Neuromuscular Therapy

• Improved Circulation will move rich oxygenated blood & nutrients to where its needed
• Helps alleviate symptoms of Osteoarthritis
• Stimulates the nervous system & reduces stress through the release of endorphins
• Improves balance, posture and mobility to help prevent falls.
• Proven to have a positive effect on the quality of sleep and can relieve restless leg syndrome
• Massage can promote calmness and relieve agitation
• Reduces muscle tension to relieve pain in post hip and knee operation patients helping return mobility and range of motion faster.



Neuromuscular Massage/Therapy is an effective coping technique for Seniors suffering from chronic pain, such as arthritis and has the ability to positively effect the immune system keeping the body strong. “Sheer Motion” will offer reduced rates to members of an Active Retirement Group.